The Skinny on Healthy Travel: 6 Tips for Radiantly Healthy Business Travel |

Steve is a busy sales-professional who could be called a “road warrior.” He is constantly traveling to meet with clients. Because of his hectic travel schedule, he has a hard time maintaining a healthy lifestyle. His meals mostly consist of unhealthy dinner meetings with clients and fast food on the go. He rarely has time to exercise. However, before an upcoming convention, Steve came up with a plan for this trip that supported his intentions of getting healthy: to make at least one healthy meal choice each day; to get some exercise daily; and to take care of himself.

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, travel can be challenging for your health. With a bit of planning and consciously making healthy choices over unhealthy ones, you can easily make a difference in how you feel when you return home: guilty or healthy. It is wonderful to come home from a trip feeling good, instead of feeling guilty about an extra 3 or 5 pounds.

Many of us travel on a regular basis, but don’t consider what actions we might take towards a healthier return home. There are many other ideas out there, but these tips make it easy, and sometimes even fun, to stay healthy on your next trip:

1. Change your Mindset
By creating a mindset of making healthy choices, you will begin to feel like a winner. You will not only feel better about yourself but you will want to continue making healthy choices. While traveling, choose to eat at least one healthy meal each day, and when eating your other meals, do not let yourself feel guilty about your choices. Instead, enjoy every morsel. Steve allowed himself to enjoy what he was eating at the business dinners, but knew that he would need to be active during his trip. His plan made him feel like he was in control and winning. As a result, Steve felt great while he was traveling, and it showed in his demeanor and his rapport with clients.

2. Be Prepared
When you feel hungry, being prepared will give you the option to decide what you really want, instead of going straight to the junk food because you don’t have a choice. Be sure to always have some healthy snacks with you while traveling and in meetings. Steve had plenty of almonds and protein bars in his briefcase so that he could always have a healthy snack within his reach. He went to a local grocery store to buy fresh fruit. It is easy to be prepared if you consciously decide to do so before you leave town.

3. Drink Plenty of Water
It is true that at least eight 8 oz. glasses of water a day are necessary for a healthy body to function; in fact, it is best to have one half ounce of water for each pound you weigh. For example, a person who weighs 150 pounds needs 75 ounces of water each day. Sometimes meetings provide bottled water, but if that is not your situation, buy a small case of water or bring along a container to fill as you walk out the door each day. This way you are staying hydrated and not drinking sodas.

4. Sleep
Try not to over schedule your days. If your business trip takes you into a different time zone, try to plan your flight so that you have a little extra time to adjust. Retire early some nights so that you can refresh your body. Sleeping in a hotel may be challenging for some people, so take a break from the TV; you will sleep better and feel more rested if the TV stays off. There are several great ways to induce sleep if noise or different surroundings prevent you from a good night’s rest: stop all caffeine by late afternoon, limit alcohol consumption, use earplugs or create quiet noise in your hotel room with mobile phone apps or a portable sound machine.

5. Make Good Restaurant Choices
There are many simple, healthy choices you can make while eating in restaurants anywhere in the world. Grilled or baked foods are always healthier than fried. Choosing to eat a green salad each day will help you feel better. Request sauces on the side, so you can decide if it tastes good and how much you want. Making healthy choices can be fun: by choosing a glass of wine instead of a margarita you are making a healthier choice. It can be challenging to make healthy choices while traveling, so intend to make some good choices each day, and intend to splurge as well. Never feel guilty about any of your choices. If it is not as good as you hoped or expected, choose not to finish it. If your meal is better than you expected, enjoy it!

6. Exercise when possible
Steve came up with a plan to exercise while he was at the convention. He tried to walk as much as possible from the hotel to the convention hall, instead of taking a taxi. One day, when he had the morning off, he walked around the city he had visited often, but never really seen. On busier days, Steve got up early to swim in the hotel pool. He realized that he was able to get his body moving despite his hectic schedule.

Business trips can be challenging. With a little planning for healthier choices, you can support your health and return home feeling great instead of sluggish or exhausted. You will be grateful for your healthier decisions and feel radiantly healthy from the inside out.

Effective Strategies in Generating Leads Within Your Home Business Blueprint

When it comes to online business the most important thing is to get every visitor who comes to your site deliberately or accidentally to be interested enough to want to do business with you. This is, after all, the point of online marketing. Different businesses have different strategies to generate interest or leads. There are some who swear that the best leads are the ones who interact with you via social media so they advertise on Facebook, but there is no ultimate home business blueprint, no one way of getting it right. When developing your home business blueprint, there are things that are essential in generating leads for online business that you can follow. Here’s a list of the different methods that online marketers can follow to generate lead.

1. Create a Website

This is a no brainer. How else can you call your business an online business or talk about online marketing if you don’t have a destination website? Having a website is essential, all other methods should essentially bolster or direct people to this website. The website is your store, other methods like Facebook, Twitter, blogging or Instagrams should be regarded as the fliers that introduce people to your business or your product, your website is the place where all the information and ultimately, business transactions are supposed to take place. Your website is your core foundation of the home business blueprint. This means you need to work at the content in your website and present the content in such a way that it appeals to the readers.

2. Create Special Offers

People love free things but they appreciate free things that are useful to them. The easiest free gift you can give to a customer is a free download. Your home business blueprint can start moving along when you create a little bit of a buzz. By having people take advantage of free offers you create a chance for them to give you their contact details. The other advantage is that you are sure that the people you contact are interested in some way in what you have to offer. Create a form for visitors to your site to fill out, make it short and simple and make sure that you get their consent for you to send them any further information other than what they’ve just downloaded. Make sure that your free download ends up leading them somewhere else. Don’t reveal all your cards during the first round; create a platform for further communication between you and potential clients-this is a good start to your home business blueprint.

3. Use targeted ads to drive traffic to your site

There are various online services that offer opportunities to target specific audiences like Facebook or Google Ads. When people sign up for social media sites and create accounts with Google they are often asked to list their interests. You can use that to your advantage. Make sure you know and understand how to use these opportunities.

4. Create relevant content for your target audience

Tailor your content carefully to attract the audience that you want. Tailoring great content starts from how you write on your website to the free downloads you offer. You could also create newsletters to keep your leads informed. With any home business blueprint, make sure that you communicate your message clearly and that your passion comes through in your writing. Sometimes it takes a while to convert a sales lead into an actual customer because they might need information or they might require some kind of assurance that you know what you are talking about. Be the expert that can answer questions before they even formulate in your sales lead’s mind. If you come off sounding like an expert, your sales leads might turn to be your best advertisers if they quote you or refer people to your site for information.

5. Create multi-channel content

This step is where you really escalate your home business blueprint. Some people might not like reading all that much or they might like visual aids instead of endless paragraphs. Make sure that you cater for different needs. People access information in different ways on the Internet. Some rely on social media, which would require you to create short but engaging messages; some would like to get the in-depth information a newsletter would allow you to create, others blogs whilst others are best reached via video. It is better to create content that translates across all mediums. This means that you will have to create videos, use infographics or host webinars.

6. Use social media

I do not care who you are, but anyone that has developed and uses a home business blueprint, uses some sort of social media. If you don’t, you either have enough cash in the bank already, or you’re about to go broke because no one knows who you are. Social platforms have become the most effective means of getting information through and getting an immediate response. When you set up social media pages make sure that you keep them updated and that you engage with people who leave comments. This shows that you care about your business and it helps create relationships.

7. Participate in online chats

Getting online friend, or “followers” does not happen overnight. Just like a lot of the things within your home business blueprint, it takes hours, days and months of being online, connected to the right people on Twitter through whose following you might chance upon leads. Participate in Twitter chats that are relevant to your business. One you get those likes and followers work at building relationships and eventually wok at converting our Twitter friends to actual clients.

8. Join groups and forums

Again, social media platforms like Facebook enable people to create groups. Find groups that are relevant to your business and join. Make sure that the groups you join are active, that there are no dead silences that last for months; otherwise you might end up being the lone poster who annoys everybody else. It is easy to go unnoticed in groups but to make sure that people know you are there; you need to engage. Be personable… this is what makes your home business blueprint fun. Ask questions, wish someone a happy birthday, have conversations.

9. Form partnerships with others to cross promote

Find someone who has worked as hard as you have to build a network and find ways to collaborate. The best collaborations are with people whose business would enhance yours and vice versa. You might collaborate on a webinar to communicate what you are an expert in and they might do the same for you. The internet is a very big world, there is no home business blueprint for success. It is easy to get lost in the world wide web or to simply exist with no one ever seeing you, if it takes latching on to someone to be noticed, then latch on.

Business Travel Tips: Top 5 Business Traveler Nightmares-And How To Prevent Them |

Business travel is on the rebound. As the economy continues to grow, companies are unleashing their employees to travel to seek opportunities and work with clients and customers all over the world. Increased numbers of business travelers bring problems as well. Travel delays and other obstacles simply increase with volume, and the more you travel, the more you suffer from them.

But preparation can at least equip every business traveler with the tools to master the business travel environment and reduce or eliminate the obstacles to a successful business trip.

Here Are My Top 5 Business Travel Nightmares — And How To Prevent Or Deal With Them:

1. You’re in danger of missing your flight: you’re stuck in the security line because you didn’t know about some recent rule changes. Today, 3-1-1 is the mantra of the business traveler. If you want to carry on – remember containers of liquid holding no more than 3 ounces, all in 1 (and only 1) quart size zip lock bag. But these rules change all the time. Keep up to date on the government carry-on restrictions. It takes a few minutes at home on your computer before you head to the airport. The best resource to use is